Friday, December 01, 2006

deals breakers

dating is very complicated. i know this because i took marriage prep (dont judge me) when i was a sophomore with my friend kelly. (i can still feel the judging). i admit i did it out of sheer morbid curiosity and not out of any desire to get married (although i did get an A so thats good right). i did like the section on dealbreakers. here is the thing about dealbeakers...i am pretty sure most of them are made up. we all say we won't date someone that litters (dont waste utah) but then in the end if we like them enough and they occasionally throw their tootsie pop wrapper on the ground maybe we just ignore it (but pick up the wrapper). (the littering thing happened to my friend mike. who has more deal breakers than anyone i have ever met. mike and i never dated because i had approximately 43 things that broke the deal for him).

but maybe i am wrong. maybe there are dealbreakers. but i usually think if something is breaking the deal its because the person wants the deal to be broken and we feel a need to blame it on something. here are my favorite dealbreakers that i have heard fairly recently:

1) 3 second kissing rule
2) doesnt like snakes
3) loves dave matthews (i think maybe to the point of being fanatical because anyone could get over moderate like)
4) home sex movie was in borat movie
5) likes the song gold digger
6) doesnt like disneyland
7) doesnt believe that the noah flood story really happened
8) too many siblings (he will want a huge family) too few siblings (he wont want any kids) apparently we should all be trying to date people with 3.5 children in their family.