Thursday, October 18, 2007

serious case of the aches

i have been thinking about how best to approach work shopping dating. somehow i am going to compile the posts and comments and come up with something that is...complied. then i will give it to people for christmas presents.

the way i see it is that every post already fits into some category. but i would like to hone it a bit. i think what i would like to do is solicit posts regarding a general area of dating one at a time so that we have more direction and focus. that being said i really want the contributors to write whatever they hell they want. most of you are on inactive status anyway. so i am just pressuring you to write.

oh so here is the topic that is open for debate/discussion/definition/etc:

What constitutes predating/initial dating/casual dating/attraction and or chemistry?


natali said...

i was going to say i realize that we have already had a couple of recent posts along these lines...i just wanted to get some more ideas on the matter.

Colls said...

i hope that hairy leg doesn't belong to a girl. but if it does, it's ok. we accept you.

nat, are you pressuring us to write posts? or are mere comments sufficient? do comment on your desired response to the pressure.

in the mean time, i will focus on "what constitutes pre-dating?" by colls.

i see him. i talk to him. i am intrigued. i think of him in my after hours. i want to know/see/hear more of him. i try to send him vibes that say i am interested in him. if i feel any of the above symptoms being reciprocated, especially some brushing of skin against skin, and maybe a phone call or two..i feel we are pre-dating. and i just might write about him in my diary.

my mom is into pre-historic dating. she does not have a phone, but she rides by on her bicycle and flashes her enormous calf muscles. many guys usually respond. she invites them over for apple cobbler baked in the microwave and 1/2 a cup of tap water.

i may try that.

natali said...

ha i feel bad. no pressure.

Viva La Jefe said...

I think that wether or not lout want to be going out with that person on the opposite side of the table at the restaraunt or not, the fact is that everyone wants to feel like they're attractive when they 're going out. I think that is what really drives predating rituals. Is the feeling that you want to be attractive.

This is me, a guy saying that...Put I'm sorta prissy too.