Saturday, July 26, 2008

mountin time

today when i was melting in lay out park (a park where i go to lay out) i looked down at my towel i remembered how much i liked it. i got it in italy. its always kind of embarrassing saying things like i got it in italy. here is a story about what i didnt get in italy.

in my grad program there was a really really good looking guy. i threw in the extra really because he deserves it. he was pretty nice too. so back in the day i was doing an externship in london and i found out he was going to be in italy doing an externship at the exact same time i was planning on vacationing there. and so i did perhaps the third bravest thing i have ever done and emailed him to see if he wanted to hang out in florence. he emailed me back a fairly enthusiastic yes and his phone number and i was supposed to call him as soon as i got there.

so for the next two weeks i had my friend give me my odds of hooking up with this guy in florence (i like statistics) and how italy seemed (from every chick flick ive ever seen) the perfect back drop for such a thing to happen.

anyway i got to italy and called him and his roommate said that he was in zurich and i was pretty confused by this answer and said is that in italy? the roommate said no its in switzerland. so i hung up and cursed his name because i packed so many clothes because i wanted to make sure i had lots of options to increase my odds of getting kissed. i hauled around half my wardrobe for a week during the hottest summer in italian history (not true). anyway its a great towel.


brian said...

you should have just packed one outfit.

natali said...

which one?

natali said...

i was hoping you would tell me what my best outfit is but i realized my wardrobe was almost completely different six years ago.

brian said...

they're all good. i'm just saying always pack light