Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Marriage Part II

Two close friends of mine married each other last weekend. We were privileged enough to attend the ceremony and the rest of the day celebrating the occasion with them. Traditions of LDS weddings state that during the luncheon the groom must get up and introduce his family as well as say something touching and heartwarming about the women he has recently married. This guy, who seems to always have the right response (be it verbal or a physical reaction) didn't disappoint. His proclamation was beautiful and sincere in accurately describing why they are perfect (and I mean PERFECT) for each other. As tears of joy welled up in his eyes, I actually had a moment where I choked up (which hasn't happened since I saw E.T. in 1983).

I was touched, I was proud, it was wonderful. It was in the midst of this beautiful proclamation of love that my wife leaned over and whispered ever so tenderly in my ear...


Congratulations Kids.