Thursday, August 09, 2007

my modern, serious online date is dead

i've been emailing a guy for 2 months. i met him on one of today's top critically acclaimed dating websites. this saturday we are meeting for the first time. aside from planning what i will wear, i also plan to bring pepper spray and perhaps a tazer.

i have only had one other online-turn face to face-date. you may recall my recollection in a march 9 entry of "all things code." he thought when you touch someone's hair, it means "please, don't hesitate to go down my pants." that date went really well.

so yeah..i'm a little nervous. although we have been emailing since june, that really means nothing. we have even had a few phone convos. but you can be anyone on the internet. (or so our friend brad paisley says..and country songs are always true) what if this guy (who says he's 5'10") is actually 5'3"? what if he really doesn't play tennis like he says and then we'll have absolutely nothing to talk about? what if he takes me to mcdonalds and gives me a $3 limit? (but maybe i will get to go down the slide) what if i want to chow down like the chic in this picture?

i actually prefer looking into people's eyes as opposed to hearing their vocal chords or reading their typos. i am just nervous. i may sweat. and i may kill him with pepper spray, but we'll probably end up making out

our christmas lists



natali said...

i am sorry your serious, modern date died. i hope you still make out. your christmas list with someone else.

Colls said...

don't be sorry. i wish he was dead. i really really do. he ruined two perfectly good saturdays. and i didn't even get to use my pepper spray. he flaked out on me and still hasn't called or emailed or sent a pidgeon. or if you're into harry potter, an owl. well i dont have a fire place, but could have happened.
at any rate (i hate when people say that) i have not made out.