Wednesday, September 05, 2007

sorry i have a thing for energy consumption

the past two days i came to a couple of realizations. first is that i hate basil more that i knew. my office kind of smells like basil. the second is that breakups can happen at any time regardless of your current relationship status. in fact it bears little relation to your previous relationship status. you never know when you will breakup. i think i always knew this but it really hit home after THIS happened to my friend. you should read THIS. its pretty good. just because you are engaged it doesnt mean some guy you went out with 7 and 1/2 times eight months ago wont send you and email with a belated clarification that you were never dating and you were just hooking up. and that his new girlfriend is a model. and although he didnt mention how big his new girlfriends breasts are you can only assume large and perky. he will probably clarify that later.

i admit its hard to know if you dating. but there are classic signs. holding hands, calling each other tiger/kitten/muffin and going to movies with each other more than other people. so if its hard to know if you are dating its equally tricky (perhaps more) to know if you should break up. the world is kind of complicated and undoing relationships proves a challenge. but its a skill that you should really try and develop because most of the people you date arent going to be in your life in two months (weeks). i am not quite sure what the best approach is to breaking up. i did get best breakup ever nomination once so i feel like i have some insight into the matter. i think you should ONLY break up with someone you havent kissed/touched/dated in three weeks (or however long) and no one has said anything about it (because the phase out was appropriate) if you dont like them and you are feeling kind of spiteful. otherwise i think you dont need to break up.

why does my office smell like basil?


becky said...

i think there should be a law, or even a moral code, created that states ALL breakups from now on MUST be done via TEXT MESSAGE or not at all*.

*unless YOU are breaking up with ME. then i'd like it done via scavenger hunt, which ends in a note saying i've been dumped. but what else is in that note? a gift certificate to Forever 21 as a consolation prize.

reno said...

HAHA! Becky, I'm pretty sure you just created a Deep Thought. Now if you'll excuse me... I need to go break up with a guy I stood next to in line at Smith's. He asked me if those drinkable yogurts were any good. I told him they were.

I think he should probably know I was never attracted to him and that my current boyfriend is way (WAY WAY) hotter than he ever was. I may even enclose a picture. With the note. At the end of the scavenger hunt.

natali said...

i went to lunch with an ex. i repressed any urge to break up with him because i remembered we already did that.

Cicada said...

Some breakups just really sneak up on you, it's true. It's funny to realize that I'm not safe from breakups. Not ever.

Colls said...

so are those drinkable yogurts good? they seem kind of wrong.