Thursday, December 06, 2007

some people's ex-boyfriends

remember this guy? he was ruthless when it came to asking me out on dates. any chance he got – even if i was sitting there with my youngin boyfriend at the time. so, i got word that this guy just called the youngin (mind you, we broke up back in august when he went back to school) and asked, “do you mind if i ask ck out?” to which the youngin thought a) would’ve been nice if you asked my permission back when we were actually dating and b) where the hell did you get your dating etiquette? but instead he said “fine by me.” which i secretly hate him for


natali said...

its true though. why cant he just say the thought of ck being with anyone but me makes me want to puke and/or hit something. permission (although unnecessary) denied. like that is so hard to say.

ck said...

exactly. i even told him that when he let me know he granted permission. "the reason i dated you was so you would keep **** off my back." i didn't really say that. and i don't really mean it. i heart the youngin. even when he tells other people to date me