Monday, May 26, 2008

How to Land a One-Night Stand

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If you’re in the position where you’re not looking to settle down for a long-term relationship and just want to have some fun then you’re looking to score tonight. This is much easier said then done. You can have a game plan before you go out for the night, but when push comes to shove most of us flake out. Confidence is the obvious key, but this isn’t something you acquire overnight. Here are five tips for the rest of us to consider the next time we need to get some:

1. Avoid the bar scene. Going out to bars is just like going to a meat market. It’s a ton of guys looking at the same three girls. Your odds are horrible. Weddings are excellent places to pick up a one-night stand. There’s something about seeing two people exchanging vows and expressing how in love they are that gets us all going. Combine that with an open bar and you’ve got a great mix. You’re going to be around girls that you don’t know and in a setting you’ve probably never been in before.

2. Keep an eye out for the signals. It’s easy to spot the girls that are out with the same thing on their mind. They’re going to be the ones on the dance floor laughing all night long. They’re looking around to see who makes eye contact. They’re at the bar getting crazy drinks. These uninhibited souls are your best chance to make a connection

3. Follow her lead. The girl that will go home with you tonight is going to take charge. Ditch your lame pickup lines. Stick with something as simple as just introducing yourself. She’ll judge you from your looks if it’s a one-night stand. This doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance if you’re not Brad Pitt. Just a good smile and a confident look will get you far.

4. Be up front about your expectations. This doesn’t mean you have to state your sexual intentions, but make it clear you’re not looking for a serious girlfriend. If you don’t make this apparent, then she may start falling for you before you even get back to your place.

5. You’re in when you’re out. You’ll know you have it locked up when she agrees to go to another bar, preferably a smaller, darker locale. Once you’ve left the loud, annoying, singles bar you’re in a spot where you can make your move. Lean in for the first kiss once you’ve ordered the round. Your chances are good that she’ll kiss back and then it’s just a matter of how far away your place is.


whitney said...

I would recommend funerals, bar mitzvahs, and roofies.

Pam said...

Now, is it literally just 'standing' when it's left up to the Mo's? I think my legs would get a little tired, but at least it'd only be for one night.

becky said...

just wear comfortable shoes...we don't want any regrets in the morning

natali said...

i hope becky explains these comments to me. on the plane. on our way to california. we are coming to visit pam if you can believe it.

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Jerry said...

Except one night stand FAQ, your blog is one of best sources for one night stands,and I really like your approach. Only thing that I don't like is fact that you are promoting that serious dating is dead. But on the other side maybe that fact is simply truth, I don't know but don't like that statement :)

Max said...

Like your ideas about landing 1 night stand :)

One Night Stand guide said...

Mostly you are right... Especially true is headline of your blog :)