Sunday, February 17, 2008

dating through the holidays

once a boy gave me a bed after our first date. i needed a bed so i took it. but then he started texting me everyday to find out what i was doing and who i was with. so naturally i kept the bed and stopped talking to him.

anyway sometimes i feel bad for boys when they ask me out. i think there was a time period of 8 months were i was pretty good at dating. but that was short lived. everything before that was an annoyance everything after awkward.

the first time a boy asked me out i didnt understand and i asked if my best friend could come. i think the last time a boy asked me out i said no. i have been doing this for 13 years and i think i am more confused about the process than i was at 16. but once a boy gave me a bed so i guess i cant complain.

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Janey said...

i'm glad i was there for the boy who gave you a bed experience. that was quality.