Friday, February 01, 2008

well why don't you just sit there holding hands and try figuring it out

here's what i like about twin peaks: it's a soap opera. actually there are numerous reasons i think twin peaks is easily the best television show ever, but the soap opera aspect seems applicable to the dating blog.

as a soap opera, twin peaks has more than it's fair share of tangled relationships. audrey is in love with agent cooper while cooper is still (emotionally) mourning the death of his past love whose death he was responsible for while james and donna's relationship begins to blossom after laura's death until laura's cousin maddie (who looks exactly like laura with dark hair) comes to town and james starts to fall for her until she's murdered so donna starts hanging out with harold until he commits suicide while bobby, who was also with laura before she was murdered, starts living with shelley when her abusive husband leo ends up in a coma. there's also the question of who's the father of lucy's unborn child, hank or dick? then you have big ed and norma's relationship which remains secret since both are trapped in loveless marriages with big ed's wife nadine having a strange kind of amnesia where she thinks she's 18 and in high school while norma is stuck with hank since he's a controlling, vindictive ex-con. and nadine, since she thinks she's 18 and goes to high school, starts dating mike who was with donna before laura was murdered. and that's only a fraction of the characters. in fact, even this chart doesn't document half the relationships in the show.

what you have is a giant web of loves, betrayals, seductions, friendships and misunderstandings that link every member of the community with every other member.

twin peaks isn't simply and exaggeration of real life, like the soap opera genre generally, but an exaggeration of the soap opera genre. but with this double exaggeration, there's something that still resonates. think of your friends, acquaintances and exes; then think about how they all know each other, dated each other, known friends of friends who dated, hold grudges against and so on. it's just like twin peaks, except not as many murders and your friends aren't near as funny. that's not a dis on your (my) friends; it's just impossible to be as funny as twin peaks. so quit wasting your netflix on boring tv and watch something that really has relations to your own life. or not. twin peaks may not be for everybody.


Pam said...

So, to include a Clueless reference, when Elton is driving Cher home from a party and starts to practically molest her, she tells him that she's been trying to hook him up with Tai. He rebuffs this statement and tries again to get with her and she states: "Oh.... I'm having a Twin Peaks experience."

This post made me think of that.

whitney said...

There's a chance that Twin Peaks can ruin relationships because every time Scott and I watch some b-level 80s hollywood movie I have to say "oh wow! that's so-and-so from twin peaks!" and he gets annoyed.