Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sorry i'm late; some bikers tried to steal my jacket

i overheard this at the bus stop:

somebody: you know what i like about rubber soul? there's a different song for wherever you are in a relationship.
somebody else: you mean with a girl.
somebody: or a boy, but you have to change all the shes to hes. but baby you can drive my car is already gender neutral.

[for those of you that dont know or possibly forgot, rubber soul is a record by the beatles]

that sounds about right. i mean there is a song about daydream dating, a song about when your partner doesn't answer your phone calls, a song about being emotionally drained by a bad relationship, a song about communication problems, a song about how extreme jealously leads to violence and more. plus all the songs are super catchy.

this got me thinking about movies that maybe have more resonance based on your relationship status and i remembered my favorite movie about getting older and still being single: marty. feeling like you'll never meet anyone right for you? watch marty. is your mom always pressuring you to get married, but then whenever you start dating someone she doesn't think they're good enough for you? watch marty. do your friends not like who you're dating? watch marty. do you like movies that are good? watch marty. it's good.

but what about those of you already in a relationship, is there a movie you could be watching with your partner? a movie that you get on an emotional level regardless of where you are at in the relationship? i'd recommend scenes from a marriage. but you might break up after you watch it.

i'm also looking for your recommendations. (the you in the previous sentence refers to you reading this, unless that you is me because i already gave my suggestions.)


natali said...

i think married life really is good to see with someone you are dating. it makes you analyze what you need from your relationship. but its not really a murder mystery like i sometimes say. maybe watch it right after the show brian recommended because i think it would increase your odds of getting back together.

Hoon said...

which one is about daydream dating?

brian said...

baby you can drive my car

whitney said...

I think most people can fall in love over All the Real Girls. It's the sappiest movie ever, but in such a good way.

chelsea said...

why not combine the two - beatles with a love movie? across the universe is a lot about war and drugs, but they do sing "all you need is love" at the end, which is probably meant to keep couples together. and there are other songs on there from rubber soul too, so that helps.

Plus, there are quite a few good suggestive naked scenes, which i think can fire any relationship up.

natali said...

also i think arrested development might be perfect to watch when you first start dating. watching awkward relationships during an awkward phase of most relationships seems perfect.

becky said...

i think that's an excellent point nat nat. maybe it makes you feel less awkward in comparison. or maybe it's just really funny.

brian said...

and baby you can drive my car isn't actually gender neutral since the first line is "asked my baby what she wanted to be."