Friday, January 04, 2008

remains of the saint

bishop: do you have problems paying your tithing?
me: no. bishop how many times do i have to tell you i only want to drink coffee and mess around with boys.
bishop: oh boy.
me: seriously.
bishop: i hate being a bishop.
me: i bet (that last part is made up but i think its true).

Bishop: Are you dating?
Me: No.
Bishop: Are you trying?
Me: No.
Bishop: Do you want to try?
Me: No.
Bishop: Should we talk about something else?
Me: Yes.

bishop: its fine to kiss boys.
me: ummm yeah. i sort of just end up doing all that stuff we just went over.
bishop: try a nice kiss goodnight (no tongue).
me: bishop i'm not going to make it.
bishop: you might... (i made this part up too)(technically he was much more optimistic).

Bishop: how do you feel about the things you've done?
Me: bad.
Bishop: Are you ever going to do them again?
Me: hesitate.
Me: hesitate.
Me: hesitate.
Me: um...
Me: (inside my head): no promises.


chloe elizabeth said...


El Jefe said...

Bane or Wood?

Funny thing those sir names have real meaning!

natali said...

i am not sure who all the bishops are in this post. the ones that are mine i dont remember their names. i dont like to get too personal with people i share intimate sexual details with.

SummerChild said...

My bishops always have these eyes that they look into your soul with, kind of like Elder Scott, and so even if I don't have anything too bad to confess (in my book) I always feel guilty anyway, and end up stumbling over responses to questions. Awkward.

natali said...

i should try your bishop summerchild. most of my conversations end in the disclaimer and i dont feel that bad. should i feel bad?

Missi said...

my bishop asked me if I want to get married. I said yes then took it back and said NO