Thursday, January 17, 2008

A laundry list of problems doesn't make you interesting

Increasingly, I have no idea what this blog is about. In fact, I have no idea what it was ever supposed to be about. The most consistant thing I have found is the lack of capital letters. Which just racks my mind even more, because nobody anywhere I Internet these days uses capital letters. It has gotten to where a capital letter on my computer screen is a refreshing thing, which is a really pathetic thing to be refreshed about.

To start, I no longer understand the title, "Modern, Serious Dating is Dead". At first, I liked the ring it had. It seemed like it was one of those f__k yous we always like to give to our parents and the way their generation was. But, it really isn't that. If it was, then we would have called it, "Old-Timer Serious Dating is Dead (so f__k you, Mom and/or Dad)". But, that doesn't have the ring to it that Modern, Serious Dating is Dead has, does it? To answer my own question, no, it does not.

See, I have a hard time with stuff when I can't break it down and make it make sense. For example, after ten years of trying to figure out why the phrase "and how" means what is does, I finally gave up and started using it. How can modern serious dating be dead, when we are in the modern? Dead stuff is past-tense. Maybe it could be "Modern: Serious Dating is Dead".

I have a simple mind and sometimes it is troubled by ridiculous things.

Now, if the title had nothing to do with anything, then I would be at total peace with everything. I can embrace things that don't make sense if they aren't supposed to make sense. But, this title has something to do with things. I don't want the title be changed, because I still like it, I just want to come to terms with it. This is a me problem, and I know that.

I am also having a hard time finding my place on this blog because I have been seriously dating a babe for going on 11 months now. It seems like the only thing most common on this blog than incorrectly uncapitalized letters is weird dating stories. If I had any weird stories to share, I couldn't share it here because my woman reads this blog more than I do. In fact, talk of any sort about our serious dating would be awkward. I wonder if all I have to offer is mushy stuff about me and my woman. I don't want to do that, though. Besides, that's Jefe's job.

I guess I could offer up my services to answer any questions since people in relationships are so great at dispensing advice. It's something I could definitely do. You ask me a question, I post you an answer. You wouldn't be that enlightened, though, because I don't really know what I am talking about. Remember my first post on here? It was about how much I like boobs. That's about all I got when it comes to dating. I can make stuff up, though. On the ldslinkup, I started a thread about online scoring chicks. It didn't really go anywhere, though.

Oh, wait. I just thought of something. Double dating. Me and Lisa are in pretty high demand in the double-dating department. Or, at least people keep telling us that they want to "double" with us. Maybe they are lying. We have only done it a few times, and I think we're pretty good at it. Last time, I tried to get really nervous about it so that it would seem like a bigger deal than it was, but it turned out to be pretty fun and really easy. All it is is hanging out, which I mastered like three years ago. So, this topic is a bust. I, as a dating blogger am a bust.

What the earth do you want from me?


natali said...

i think you should post a couple post with lisa. also almost all the contributors are in relationships so there will be no more relationship excuses from you mister.

ps take the blog title up with brian. he came up with it.

Lee said...

I don't think we can come up with anything to post about.

I don't need to take up the title with anyone. I just need to figure it out for myself.

becky said...

it has never made sense to me either, but i have embraced it.

becky said...

as i think, you have

Lee said...

I might have.
Sometimes, though, I think that I need to participate on this blog, but thinking about the title makes it difficulte for me to come up with something to write. Look at this post: it is about absolutely nothing. Someone might say, "Hey, Seinfield was the show about nothing." I guess, but I never really loved Seinfield. Sorry.

Lee said...

It is nice to have another post under my belt, though.

brian said...

um,i think the name sort of comes from the movie weekend. or rather it comes from this title card somewhere in the middle of weekend that i don't remember correctly. but i think it was about how modern, serious movies are dead. the movie is all about the death of film, i think. and about cannibalism. i recommend it to everyone even though everyone usually hates it. but it's unlike every movie you'll ever see and forces you to completely think what movies are and what they could be.

anyway, the name just came to me when i was talking to natali about this blog. so i'm not really sure what it means. i like it cause you can figure out your own meaning. for me, modern is used in the modernist sense of the word which isn't the present but like ww2. so the blog title, for me, is all about how our dating experiences are radically different than all the ideals about love and romance our parents and disney and hallmark and so on taught us about. all those standards turn out to be impossible and we're left with nothing to guide us in our love lives. so we're figuring this out -- together.

but that's just what i think the title means.

mostly i like the way it sounds. so ominous.

natali said...

brian i hope you didnt think i dont like the blog name. maybe i came off like that. i love it but i was not sure of its origins except maybe it was in a movie that you watched.

i think modern, serious dating is dead makes sense. to me it always meant that modern dating is dead since all attempts to modernize and equalize relationships is undermined and a push for the return traditional dating and gender roles is encouraged.

plus it flows nicely.

ck said...

i think it's catchy. and there's room for interpretation. so lee, i'd say if your post has to do with modernization, seriousness, dating or being dead, it's appropriate for this site.

i think my company loves my blogging lifestyle because i've now started unintentionally sending out emails without using cap letters. oops

natali said...

i think lee wants to start a blog called modern, serious grammar is dead.

SummerChild said...

As a non-contributing, recently started reader, I really liked the ring of "modern, serious dating is dead". Maybe because in the society that we live in (utah mormony) there is such an emphasis on dating from the age of 16 and correct dating leads to marriage. I suppose that may be the case, but in my circles, dating is just kind of messed up and there is no formula. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. It isn't anti-relationship at all, just people getting together to try to figure it out.

anyway, that's what the title makes me think. i am amused by the blog, regardless of what it is about.

natali said...

i am glad you like the blog. and i think its fair to say that even though the name is ominous as brian puts it that it doesnt necessarily mean that any of us believe that relationships arent worth it and that you cant make dating work for you. it just means you might have to redefine the whole process and do things your own way. serious modern dating is dead is a positive message really.

glarcy said...

Maybe 'modern, serious dating is dead' doesn't really make sense, but 'Modern, serious dating is dead' does make sense because it references "Modernism" which was soo 40 years ago. It's amazing what a difference capitalization makes....

brian said...

i never use capitals. or almost never use them, but that's just a style choice. i like the the look of all lower-case. i also don't like the capitalization of proper nouns because it seems to encode to much power. same with the capitalization of the pronoun i. or rather in that case it just seems like you're taking yourself to seriously. in the case of the name of the blog, not using a capital for modern allows for more interpretations.

Pam said...

All I know is that when I tell people that I stalk a blog called 'modern, serious dating is dead'..... I feel and sound cool.

Both of those are confirmed when people immediately ask me what the address is.

Don't change an effing thing.

Anonymous said...

Keep working ,great job!

Anonymous said...

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