Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Someone told me theres a girl out there, With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair

i believe that everyone comes into my life for a reason. i've mostly always felt that way. work friends, real friends, people i date... with people i date especially. i'm not talking one date. i'm talking about people i "date". no matter how short-lived it was, or how badly it ended, i truly believe there was a reason we came together. maybe i had something to learn from them, or something to teach them, etc.

i've thought about his a lot, and God doesn't put people in my life to date in order for me to find an eternal companion. no, he puts people into my life to date to introduce me to new awesome music. true, i've done quite a bit of the introducing myself, but let's take a look at several important people in my life who have made an impact on my music library. if it wasn't an introduction to the band, i surely fell in love with the band because of my introduction to the person. their names have been left out to protect me. fine, them too.

1. the southern baptist skater boy who was several years older than me and scared the crap out of my parents: 8th grade. he introduced me to the smiths and OMD. he introduced me to lots more, but these two have stuck with me big time. as a side note, he's also the reason i was into skaters and skaters only for like 10 years. oh, and he's the first boy who made me cry myself to sleep.

2. the first: 11th grade - freshman in college. he introduced me to the eagles, journey, and tears for fears to name a few. i still love all those bands. mostly. also, "the first" isn't referring to sex.

3. the bfffs: screamy music, taking back sunday and mcr, frou frou, rilo kiley, the sounds. but mostly the honorary title. say what you will, i love it all. lately he's been into pat benetar and clapton. i don't know what that means. he also effed me up pretty badly. was it worth the music? maybe not. was it worth everything else? probably.

4. the british boyfriend: gave me, in addition to jose gonzales, lots of british music before it was released in the u.s. of a. the kooks, arctic monkeys, nizlopi. i still think of him when i hear going to california by zeppelin.

5. the latest: what can i say, i hit the jackpot. wilco, radiohead, kings of leon, feist, my morning jacket, wilco, spoon, kings of convenience, sufjan, blonde redhead, radiohead, lcd soundsystem, devotchka, amongst others. some of my favorite music in life thus far was introduced to me through this one. but you know what one of the best things i got from this one was? my twin

i only keep dating to keep the music alive.

Thank you for the music, the songs I'm singing
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me


natali said...

i just get my music from becky. that way i dont have to date at all.

lisa said...

way to cut out the middle man, natali.

becky, i like this. i've been thinking all day about former boyfriends and what music they've introduced me to. it's a fun game.

SummerChild said...

this is so true. Music that I would've otherwise not found, at least for a while, I fell in love with because of the dude who introduced me to it. I've thought the same thing-- while the relationship didn't work out, at least I got Wilco/Radiohead/Dresdan Dolls/Old 97s/Pedro the Lion/Built to Spill/Devotchka/Iron and Wine/Sondre Lerche/Bruce Springsteen/etc, etc, out of it. And that made it worth it.

natali said...

i am watching ellen right now and some guy got a check from the state of utah for over two million dollars. i really hope utah screws up like that with me someday.

Lee said...

"way to cut out the middle man, natali."

More like, 'way to cut out the man', which I think might be a dream come true for Natali.

natali said...

i thought becky and i might be dating. we were spending a lot of time together and shit. but then on new years she said "you know i am not kissing you." so i guess its over.

becky said...

summerchild--irone and wine. thanks for reminding me. i also got them from the latest. what would i do without wilco in my life now?

natali--i thought about it, but i couldn't go through with it.

natali said...

i think what becky is trying to say is she isnt attracted to me.

brian said...

you need to get a boyfriend who listens to the talking heads and patti smith and the velvet underground.

lisa said...

i love the talking heads. very underrated.

but i don't want to be natali's boyfriend. no offense.

natali said...

wow there has been a lot of rejection coming my way. i dont even LIKE the talking heads so take that. everyone.

well. i kind of do. dammit.