Sunday, January 21, 2007

date with the jr jr

when i started this blog i also kind of wanted people to tell about dates they went on. because those make the best stories usually. well ghost stories make the BEST stories but dating stories are second on my list.

last night i went out with the jr jr. (i call him that bc i liked a boy who was three years younger than me and called him jr. but with a boy who is seven years younger than me he is a jr jr.)

highlights of the night include:

1) i felt like i was mentoring him. i gave him lots of advice on school, work, and career options. which was fun. maybe i should be a guidance counselor.
2) he asked me what year i was born. then he asked me if i wanted to have children because some "older" people he knew didnt want to. (sure i dont think my reproduction goals are any of his business but it was so sweet how he asked i let it slide)
3)he asked me about how many relationships i have had. then he told me i must burn through guys. i said not really i have just been dating for 12 years and your only dating experiences were in high school. i am bound to have a couple more.
4) he asked me why i went out with him and i said "because you asked" i said why did you ask and he said "because you seemed chill"
5) for some reason he became convinced that i drank. i am really not sure how that happened. (fine it may have been when i told him about how i think its ok to eat things cooked in alcohol and that i used alcohol in my food and my favorite flavors are rum and brandy) then he is like i know you party. i said. well at this stage in my life i am not sure its called partying. i think that is a term you use when you are underaged and you are hoping your parents and or the cops dont catch you. no at this point i would just be drinking. bless his heart.
6) he kept asking questions like what do you do or what do you like. i dont respond well to questions like this. A. does it matter and B. i have a hard time describing myself or interests or likes/dislikes. i did tell him i didnt like feeling like i was on audition. hint hint.
7) younger guys are really into activities. it comes from organizing dance dates such as paintballing for the prom. he told me we almost went ice skating (heaven forbid) but then we just went ot the grizzles games. that was ok. seriously though i am happy with dinner and a movie.
8) he asked me if i was a dominate personality. i said no i just have opinions. he asked if i thought i was right. and i said sometimes. does that make me dominant? i spent like an entire quarter of that hockey game trying to decide if i was. seriously am i?
9) i went through the temple before him. i think we both thought that was kind of weird.
10) he asked me if i wanted to stay home with children. i said not really. i asked him if he did. he said not really.
11) he also asked if i was a good cook and what i cook. i dont know how that affects him...

the night did get a lot better when he stopped interrogating me and we just talked like normal people. he described about how he wanted to get married soon. i hope he does. i also think he is closer to getting married then i am. i cant decide if that is sad or not. and if its sad is it sad for him or me?

anyway i think he had a good time. its because i am so chill.


Colls said...

I love this blog. I have been looking for Jr. Jr. all over the place. I was worried about him when he did not come home for curfew. Now I know he was safely enrolled in the big sister's program. Thanks.

punk rock girl said...

the funny thing is i felt like i had a curfew. he is so young and has so much energy. at 10:30 all i wanted to do is go to bed and he wanted to watch a movie and discuss life or something.

ck said...

i've been on a date with a jr jr jr was my 2-year old nephew. we went to mcdonalds and i had to pay. i don't even eat meat and i had to pay - what gives? youngsters are nothing but trouble

Ros said...

Good words.