Friday, January 05, 2007

keeping in touch

i think maybe the worst thing about the linkup are the way boring emails that you receive just from being online. i dont mind being hit on mind you. and i dont mind random emails. but i do mind being bored. i probably shouldnt take it so personally. but honestly, if you are emailing someone to tell them they seem interesting you should probably try to be interesting in return. here are a couple of things i find uninteresting:

1) the number of people on my friends list
2) my occupation (unlisted) or listed for that matter
3) the fact i went to byu (who didnt, i mean i dont think i am a minority in mormondom)
4) my tagline
5) etc

i think the best emails are ones that have NOTHING to do with your profile (which is mostly made up) and you should never actually say anything real about yourselves unless you have been emailing for 2 months minimum. that is the ideal linkup relationship. actually, the ideal one was my fake linkup boyfriend. that was probably one of my best relationships. i am thinking about getting back together with him...


ck said...

my most recent favorite:

boy: "wow"
me: "whoa"

that's as far as we've gotten so far...i'll keep you posted

punk rock girl said...

my favorite recent email was

wan tot chat

ummmm probably not

punk rock girl said...

wait heyuuu is even better

is he saying hey youuuuu?

or is he speaking an african dialect?

ck said...

i'd say african dialect. of course, he could just have in crest whitening strips and can't speak (or type, as it turns out) quite clearly because of that.