Friday, January 19, 2007

i learned how to tell time in the tenth grade...

over the years i have gone back and forth a lot on the whole concept of "timing" and how it relates to me and my life. at first i thought that timing was everything (i thought this after i fell for my best friend and then freaked out because of law school and then i liked him again but he had moved on and everyone chalked it up to bad timing) but then i thought that timing was nothing(because sometimes you whole life is shit (usually) but you just still want to be with someone). anyway. i have come back to a new theory. which is...time hates some people (me).

i dont know what i have done to piss time(ing) off but i would really like to make up. seriously time i am sorry. but time has been playing favorites awhile now. i must admit i get a little resentful when married-dating-happy people say things like it just wasnt the right time. your time hasnt come. you will know when its the right time. etc etc. they only say such things because time loves them. but time hates me. and i think that is a good a theory on timing as i have come up with yet.

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becky said...

eff time. timing means nothing. damn timing! damn it to hell!