Tuesday, January 16, 2007

timing is everything...unless it's bad timing and then i hate it

so it recently became painfully obvious to me that seattle and i don't really love each other. that being the case, we've chosen to say our goodbyes and part ways. i put a lot of thought into this and felt really good about our decision to split up. so, everything seemed good to go and i started taking the necessary steps...quit the job, sold my umbrella, subleased my apartment... everything was going perfectly!

and then here's the kicker - the exact same day i agree to be booted out of my apartment by feb. 1, i meet this boy. now, meeting a boy here is a big deal because most seattle guys don't even talk to girls due to:
a) depression thanks to the rain
b) social inefficiencies thanks to microsoft
c) disinterest thanks to gay rights

so anyway, i meet a boy who i have a surprisingly good time with and can even sit across a table from and look at and not want to throw up, which turns out to be a good thing. after the second date of not throwing up (and probably some kissing...i don't recall exact details), i start thinking my situation and timing really stinks. here's why:
a) why couldn't we go out on friday night? oh no - it had to be saturday night, after signing my seattle residence away
b) we would have actually gone out earlier this month were it not for his recent tonsil removal. had he maintained healthy tonsils, i would probably not have sold my apartment yet. damn tonsils.
c) i now have roughly three weeks to have a whirlwind relationship with this boy...i'm not even one to bring up the dtr ever - let alone after three weeks. i feel i can date with the best of them - wait 3 days to call, thank a boy after buying me dinner, act sappy when absolutely necessary...but, the dtr is definitely out of my league. so that might be interesting.

i'm hoping that it will all of a sudden occur to me that the reason i've tricked myself into liking this kid is that he's a welcome relief from dates where all i hear about is the latest and greatest computer technologies and gaming codes. so probably, right when i get to colorado, i'll wake up and realize that not all boys are born with computer chips built it and i actually can have a decent conversation with a lot of them..that's what i'm hoping at least.

so the point of this post is to ask - what the hell should i do?? cut my losses? hang out with him for three weeks?? find a way to not move to colorado for another month?? any and all comments will be considered. unfortunately, since i'll soon be jobless and without money and time to go shopping on account of "i'm dating a boy," i cannot offer the winner a prize. sorry.


punk rock girl said...

how good of a kisser is he again?

ck said...

at least good enough to make me think that some good things maybe do come out of seattle (that's a pretty big deal by the way)

ck said...
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