Friday, January 26, 2007

mississippi drama

i admit it - my sister "has a missionary." since i am an embarrassing 2-degrees-of-separation from "having a missionary," i do my best to keep up with the stories of drama and hardship that come with being away from the love of your life and the only form of communication coming from an occasional measly letter.

which is why i think it's so funny that my sister and her elder (we'll call him stew for the sake of the story) have connivingly come up with alternative forms of communication. for example, a young investigator (let's call him art) of the church of lds spends a lot of time with stew...a LOT of time. i can't be sure exactly, but i'm pretty sure stew woke up one morning and realized that art has text messaging on his cell phone. so, naturally, stew talks art into text messaging my sister. so now, even though my sis and stew don't talk directly, they at least talk through a middle man. so art now sends my sis regular text messages, usually asking about the strength of stew's and her relationship. my sis entertains art to a point, but usually just ignores these bizarre questions from her unknown middle man.

well, art texts my sis last night and makes mention that the reason he's interested in joining the church is because he's "exploring" (not religion so much as his preferences..) and thinks stew is a hottie and wonders if maybe my sis would be willing to share...i'm pretty sure my sis hasn't eaten anything since that conversation on account of queasy stomach. anyway, art was planning on letting stew know his true feelings today - this could prove to be quite an interesting day in mississippi.

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punk rock girl said...

i understand. i am pretty embarrassed that i even dated someone "with a missionary" and i thought i could top your missionary story until i realized art was gay.flirt to convert i guess.