Wednesday, February 14, 2007

holiday weddings and why they don't work

let's pretend you were planning your wedding. as you're sitting there, talking about that perfect date to call "yours" for as long as you both shall live, probably the absolute worst thing you could say is, "hey, what about getting married on valentine's day? that's romantic." a close second in worst things to say would be "yes" to that suggestion. anything that cliche is just not kosher.

but let's pretend that instead of seriously wanting to get married on valentine's day, you're actually DESTINED to get married then. not because the stars are aligned or anything sappy like that, but because you can't break the family tradition - every couple in your family has shared their big day with a major american holiday...from president's day to halloween...yes, halloween.

and of course, what's getting married on a major holiday if you don't celebrate the holiday during your wedding? now imagine this - you get married on halloween and decide to skip the whole white dress/tux thing (since it is halloween and all) and instead decide to dress up like raggedy ann and andy...the epitome of a perfect, priceless couple if you ask me. can you even begin to picture the look on the priest's face when he tries to seriously unite you in holy matrimony??

now pretend that this story is not made-up at all...because it's not...somewhere in seattle, right now, a bride is walking down the aisle with her father (thankfully not dressed up like raggedy andy this time). she was destined to be this cliche and non-kosher...okay, so i don't quite believe that she was that helpless in deciding to get married on valentines day, but in her defense, at least she didn't make the priest dress up like cupid.

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