Thursday, February 15, 2007


so i have this anxiety problem that involves me having some irrational fear surrounding people in my life getting hurt. for example, there was a horrible and tragic shooting in downtown slc. i started thinking about how random that is. and then i wonder what if someone i know was there. and then i think what if that one boy i like was there. and then i think he might have been he likes movies. and then i remember he has the gift certificates to the Regency. and its a reasonable distance from his house. so then i think i will just call to find out (if he is alive) how his night went. so i call and tell him to call me. he doesnt. and then i think i will write him a text saying "hey i know you hate shopping but just let me know you are ok". still nothing. i start to think a couple hours later that i am reasonably sure he is the victim of a random act of violence. and then i got this this text "i didn't die baby."


ck said...

mark my words - that phrase will be the next "i'll be back" phenomenom. before you know it, everybody'll be saying it. too bad your boy doesn't have an austrian accent people can immitate

becky said...


punk rock girl said...

i think it might be my favorite text ever. i will be sad when i change to verizon and i lose it forever.