Sunday, February 04, 2007

jr jr part II

so maybe there is a chance i went to FHE for the first time in 3 years. mostly its because it was roller skating and heidi was going. i like roller skating.

anyway, so i was skating around the side by myself looking to see if heidi was around by the food. as i was skating i saw the 21 year. he saw me. and then he got up and skated away quickly. i think i had a flash back to junior high. not because this happened to me in junior high but because i think if a boy is going to skate away from you it should probably happen when you are 14. so he spent the whole night avoiding me. jr jr broke up with me.

i actually panicked that maybe he read this blog. there is no way right?right??

1 comment:

zephyrprime said...

Bummer. That was a pretty weak ass way to go about things on his part.