Thursday, February 01, 2007

it just didnt feel right

here are some reasons to break up:

1) irreconsible differences (that one can be used in legal proceedings)
2) they make you horribly unhappy
3) you dont like their personality
4) lost that lovin feeling
5) kissing their roommate
6) etc.

this list is not all inclusive. i mean we all have different reasons. but i dont really like when people bring in third parties, like the Holy Ghost (if you are dating someone else thats a fair third party to bring up) instead of stating the real reasons you want to break up.

anyway, it just didnt feel right when i prayed about it, pondered about it in the temple, or when i read the description of my spouse in my patriarchal blessing just doesnt fly with me. its just too easy. no one can counter the Holy Ghost. how do you respond to that? because we all know there are real reasons you are breaking up (see list 1-6) but you are bringing up the personal revelation to avoid telling the person you are dating you arent really that attracted to them.

i would actually rather hear i dont know why we are breaking up which is the second lamest thing to say to someone. i only got "it just didnt feel right" once. it was with a guy i went out with like six times and i was like wait...did you PRAY about us? weird. i dont feel right about you praying about us. he is married. to some girl he felt right about. way to follow that spiritual prompting.

(ps i would like to add i did not intend for this post to be offensive or disrespectful in anyway. i am a believer in personal revelation and promptings. i think its offensive when people dont want to date you anymore and tell you God doesnt want you to date anymore. but thats just me)


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my sis was on her second date with a boy when he announced to her that not only did he pray about taking her out before asking her both times, but he also chats (yes, actually physically CHATS) with God and God told him that my sister was a great catch and to go for it. as flattering as it is to have someone tell you what God thinks about you, turns out it was quite the deal-breaker for my sis.