Monday, February 05, 2007

the notebook ruins lives

anyway i never saw the notebook. but if i had it probably would have ruined my life. like is has so many others. i think people have pretty weird ideas about love and life and relationships and most of these ideas are a direct result of the notebook, seinfeld and airsupply songs. damn those airsupply songs. so good. anyway.

and then once my friend scott dated a girl who broke up with him after watching the notebook. she didnt feel like they fought enough. i am no marriage counselor...but that is stupid. jessica simpson apparently made the decision to divorce her husband because of the notebook. um...yeah. i question all epiphanies that are a direct result of bad romance movies. but more than that, i question anyone who actually ADMITS that the notebook in anyway influenced their romantic decisions. i never tell anyone about the life changing decisions i make while watching maui fever (but if you must know they include avoiding relationships that require any sort of emotional attachments and wearing banana clips).

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becky said...

i agree with everything except the part about the notebook being a bad romance movie. you need to see noah wyley with the beard. or those aviators. mmmmm