Tuesday, February 13, 2007

maybe we should keep this strictly digital/keepin it in the family (two titles for the two subjects covered)

have you ever known someone who was WAY better in digital format? whether it be email, text, etc.? maybe most people are a let-down in person (i know i am), but i had a date last night (a real one, not a hangout. woohoo!) and i'm starting to think this guy is way better via text. this is not the first time we've spent time together. we hung out in more of a group setting about four times before our actual date. after each time i'd think "hmmm...not much of a personality there", but there were other MUCH LOUDER personalities in the room, so i thought maybe he was just being overshadowed. and then he'd send me the greatest, wittiest texts, and i'd wonder, "is this the same person?" i am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. i can tell he's way nervous around me and i can think of two reasons why this might be the case:
1. he's significantly younger than i am (he's 21. eek!)
2. (and this is probably the biggest) i dated his older brother (and it did not end well).

that's right, i'm keepin it in the family! have you ever done this? this is how it came about (so you can know how to avoid doing the same thing):

older brother comes over to the house and brings younger brother (yb) and younger brothers friend (ybf). apparently older brother thought i would like ybf because he dresses like my non-boyfriend (he was wrong, ps, they don't dress alike). so they all come over and i think "hmmm....yb is looking cute". i met him when he was 18. on christmas eve. at the family's. awkward.

so i get ybf's phone number so my roommate and i can hang out with him and yb later, without older brother there (he didn't like that, but whatev). now, i was thinking it would be pretty funny to makeout with older brother's yb. mainly because its the younger brother of someone i dated and how is that NOT funny. and secondly because i liked yb's shaggy hair. i didn't think yb would actually want to DATE me. i mean, he's 21!! doesn't anyone (who's 21) like random makeouts anymore? but as it turns out, i like his (text) personality, and i figured maybe if we were one-on-one his in-person personality would shine. so i decided to go out with him. here are the issues that come up (came up) when dating the yb of someone you dated (and it did NOT end well):
1. even though you thought the brothers looked NOTHING alike, sometimes when yb laughs a certain way, or makes a certain face, he looks/sounds EXACTLY like older brother.
2. i mention something and he says "yeah, "older brother" told me that.
3. he's not sure what to mention about his family because i probably already know it all.

what was i thinking!?! i'm TRIPPING OUT! that being said, the date actually went quite well. but i'm still not sure about his in-person personality. i think the reason there was conversation was because i was forcing there to be. and after that we just watched arrested development, and who doesn't have fun doing that?! i've decided to give him a second date. i mean, his texts are SO GREAT!

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how does the older brother feel about this development?