Wednesday, April 18, 2007

6'2" for me, for you

here's why 6'2" is (should be considered) the perfect height for a man:

1. unless you're basically legally a midget, he won't be too tall for you.
2. unless you are an amazon woman, he will be at least 2 inches taller than you.
3. any girl can wear heels with her 6'2" boyfriend. short girls can wear anything from flats to 6" heels, and tall girls can also wear flats or heels. hell, even a 6'2" girl (if there are any) can at least wear flats. and 6' girls can still wear heels! heels 6' girl!

other heights just don't work (you [i] could probably make a good argument for 6'3"). 6'4" or 6'5"? way too tall for any girl between 5'1" and 5'8". you can still wear tall heels but it won't even put a dent in that span. also, making out is only comfortable in certain positions, and why limit yourself to certain positions?

i don't think i even need to bring up the reasons why shorter guys aren't universally the perfect height. but i will. flats your only option? no thanks! shorter than me? i don't want you to have to look up to kiss me. don't worry, there is nothing wrong with lesser than tall guys. they have girls to date. they are just not universally the perfect height.

in summary, every girl has a range of heights that she can work with (or a different height she might prefer [or example, my EC is probably approximately 6ft and some change]), but i am saying that 6'2" is the height that any girl could work with. universally, the perfect height.


ck said...

thank you for this post - i have thought this for years. in miamaids when we had to make a list of qualities in our future husband, i'm pretty sure mine said 6'2"

sugarcube said...

This post has damned you to ending up with a shorty.

punk rock girl said...

i dont know if everyone knows this but paul310 had this to say about me:

Turns out she's also the perfect height.

Anonymous said...

Sugarcube know what he say. I'm dumping yo ass tomorrow.


punk rock girl said...

wow our first blog breakup. but at least he said kisses. thats always nice.

sugarcube said...

If one is going to dump someone, they might as well do it with their lips. Or, for even more style, with their hips.

Colls said...

yes hips are good but when i dump someone i like to use my humps.
ck, i was in your mia maid class. you may not remember bc i was nerdy. but i saved your list. you also said:
-he must send me paper clips and polaroids
-he should want to make out in a hammock
-he will decorate my car with sticky notes

cute huh. bless your adolescent heart.

punk rock girl said...

colls was pretty nerdy. probably because you were a cheerleader. AND then you were homecoming queen. seriously colls had did you recover socially from that?

ck said...

i feel like the sad part is, everybody's finding boys that posses my qualities of criteria except for not me. why oh why can't i find somebody to cover my car in post-its dammit (actually that would probably make me mad because i'd already be late to work and then we'd break up...maybe i just answered my own question...)

Tim & Breena said...

Actually, Six foot five and three-quarters is the proven favorite.

Colls said...

ck, i think you can find someone who will cover your car with something. if it's not sticky notes, maybe it would be water. that could be romantic. a tallish guy spraying your car with water...mmmm.