Monday, April 16, 2007

tonight at dinner

tonight my mom asked me if becky was hustling *****. i asked my mom what she thought that meant. she said it meant dating. i told her i didnt think that was a term for dating. prostitution maybe. dating no. but what do i know. maybe when my mom was growing up hustling meant dating. i decided to see if my aunt ever wrote to me about hustling. she likes to talk to me about dating. i didnt find anything about hustling but she wrote me an email on November 16, 2003, entitled boys boys boys so i figured it was probably a good source on comparative dating. as it turns out it kind of was. this is what it did said:


you are a dating machine! it sounds like the guys from canterberry place are at least not shy. if you didn't have all those other guys distracting you, you could take a chance. but, at this stage who needs it?

i just talked to emily. she says that you have been taking such good care of her. feeding her, getting her dates with hth....etc etc.

i hear that you are seeing ***** tonight and might try for a big "k" (kiss). you have my blessing. i don't think girls get to kiss as much as we did because...i don't know tell me.

good luck with all the boys, especially *****. let me know how it goes. have you kissed him before or is this new territory?

auntie v

yeah i was a dating machine in november of 2003. it was sort of a big month for me. but that is beside the point. back when my mom was "hustling" was she big "k"ing more than i am? what if the late 50's-early 70's were the best years for dating/making out and i totally missed them. oh and in case anyone was wondering i didnt kiss ***** that night. but if it had been the 50s i probably would have. my grandma used to tell me all sorts of tales about the late 20s to mid 30s. i mean her first make out was at a ward activity. wanna know what happened at my last ward activity? a boy actually ran away from me (skated). basically i think dating is less fun these days (recent decades) but everyone pretends like its way more fun. pretenders.

i am watching everyone loves raymond. robert is so awesome. his ex girlfriend amy made her date speed through robert's speed trap so that she could seem him. and then she went over to robert's and confessed that it was her plan. they had sex and she lost her virginity. who saw that coming?


OldEnough said...

This explains so much... Also, I have no idea what Becky was supposed to be hustling. I kept trying to substitute in different 4 letter words, and nothing really seemed to ring a bell.

punk rock girl said...

oh sorry it was five letters. and it was the same five letters i was trying to kiss four years ago. oh the irony.

becky said...

the irony indeed!

hustling, though? carolyn, i love you so much.

i love robert and amy.

ck said...

i asked my dad - he said hustling has to do with i'm really confused

natali said...

sometimes i wonder if amy regrets it. i worried about that when i was falling asleep last night. that and ghosts.

Colls said...

when i was in chicago last summer i met a man on the street hustling ghosts. he opened his trench coat and i screamed.

brian said...

what about if that ghost just wanted to talk about regrets with you. it could have been cathardic.

natali said...

i dont believe in regret. but i do believe in ghosts.