Monday, April 30, 2007

would you rather

okay, here’s a little game of first date hypotheticals inspired by the book would you rather.

would you rather:

1. your date thinks he/she is a broadway star (not the good kind…is there such a thing?) who sings everything to you and full on dances at least three times during the course of your date (true story actually)

2. your date takes you to a random high school football game (as a reminder, you’ve probably graduated high school by now) and to dinner at 7-11 on account of its "vegetarian friendly" options (this one maybe really happened to me)

3. your date creates a written “date itinerary” for you that ends with “make-out like a banshee to james blunt” (a bit of an exaggeration, james blunt wasn’t really involved but it’s a real story nonetheless)

4. your date throws up on your front porch right as he/she picks you up (and this one’s real too)

5. your date takes you swing dancing but drops you on your head six times trying to do a flip and then instead of making sure you’re okay, gets mad at you for screwing the move up (and this one…)

now remember, these are all first date hypotheticals, meaning you don’t know the person at all..choose wisely. if you want my expert advice, i think the broadway singer is the only one that hasn’t somehow permanently damaged me


natali said...

did i go out with number 2 guy?

ck said...

very possible if you're thinking of a DC accountant...

natali said...

seriously they are all accountants. or lawyers.

and i choose option 3.

sugarcube said...

The throw-up kid.
Why? Because, hopefully, he got it out of his system. Even if he didn't, at least he doesn't:
a) sing broadway
b) potentially include James Blunt on his date
c) still go swing dancing
d) still attend high school football games and not be ashamed of it (I went to two last year [which equals the number I attended while I was in high school], but I was ashamed before and after the game and also during the halftime show when the drill team [still as ugly as they were in '98] was doing their s__t).

Colls said...

i know lots of girls who will throw up on a date. that is how they fit into those tight hot pants. but i would rather go out with broadway dude. sounds like we would mesh perfectly, as singing and dancing in public is what i do on a regular basis.

becky said...

i sorta like option 3. creepy? maybe. but i don't think the sev sounds so bad for a date. i would get a slurpy and a hot dog.