Thursday, May 03, 2007

dating is a complicated process

people ask me for dating advice all the time. but sometimes i get stumped on what to do. here are some scenarios that left me scratching my head.

1) recently my friend started dating a guy who only will kiss her in public. they have NEVER kissed if it wasnt in a car parked somewhere in PUBLIC. if this is provo thats pretty standard because there is no where to make out there. but she is wondering. is he an exhibitionist and if so should she care?

2) i have another friend who took out a girl and she refuses to tell him what kind of music she likes. and that drives him crazy. he basically had to wrestle her to the ground in order to make a play for her cd case but she manages to foil him everytime. he really feels like music compatibility is important. what should he do?

3) i have yet ANOTHER friend (i was recently told i was pretty popular) who went out with a guy and he kissed her. but then next time they hung out he said no kissing. but then they hung out again and the kissing was on. and then the next time no kissing. she is a bit on a kissing roller coaster. and she tends to get motion sick. but maybe he likes her. but maybe he doesnt? what should she do?

4) oh and dont forget the girl who is dating the guy who keeps talking about killing her and where he will hide the body. nah that one is a no brainer. he sounds like a keeper.

those are my the most interesting dating problems i have come across lately. i would like some feedback that i will forward on.


Cicada said...

1) Yes he is an exhibitionist. Please see tonight's episode of The Office to see how bad this is.

2) What should he do? I'm more concerned with what should she do. She should hide her Celine Dion CDs immediately.

3) She should go out with him and thne they can kiss. When he asks her out the next time, she should say no. When he asks her out again, she should say yes because that will be a kissing occasion. From that point on, they should only go out every second opportunity they have.

4) That is seriously derranged. Psycho.

ck said...

i might suggest that your friend move to salt lake city where one can make out in non public places

Jefe said...

1- Agreed, he is an exhibitionist which isn't bad when your Mormon becaue the rules allow only so much exhibiting. But you don't want to get married to someone who has to hit the Delta Air Lines Gate when he's feeling frisky. I say thumbs down to the exhibitionist.

2- If you're that ashamed of her CD collection then she knows better. She should change her musical diet. I mean if a guy won't let you check out his DVD collection you know he's got some porn stashed between the Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars trilogy. Thumbs down on CD confidential.

3- Put that a-hole on a scheduel, what's he thinking. Who would actually choose not to make with someone that they liked? That's a question she should be asking. Maybe she should take out Mr. Exhibitionist and make out on Mr. Fickles drive way a few nights a week, see if that gets his blood up. Thumbs down.

4- Surprisingly, I think it's nice to know what's going on in someones head. It would be a relief to know how that girl I'm seeing would get rid of me, I want to know in detail how she would dispose of me and if so what she would do with the body before hand. I think it's a great way to gauge the relationship and know where you stand with each other. Thumbs enthusiastically up.

Colls said...

my thoughts: by colls
i watched the office last night. the finger in the pants trick is mighty clever. but anyhoo..i think kissing in public is smart for safety reasons. like even kissing in church is an excellent idea. and the question is not can he see her cd collection, it's will she let him see her cassette tapes? (kenny loggins, etc.) that is true devotion. also, by putting this "friend" of yours on a kissing roller coaster, he is prepping her for issue #4- the dead body problem. it's getting her all confused and vulnerable so he can plan his attack. i watch csi therefore i know.

natali said...

like the girl is so busy trying to figure out if they will kiss she doesnt notice how is putting an ax and duct tape in the trunk?

thank goodness you watch tv colls.

Colls said...

yes exactly. you may want to check his pockets and fanny pack. even a small pick ax could do the trick. i once snuck an exacto knife on the airplane.

sugarcube said...

People who think that music compatability is important are shallow.