Friday, May 04, 2007

men are overrated... i've learned since getting a puppy. this is milo and he is far less complicated than any man i've ever been with - he cuddles when i want to cuddle, insists on sleeping in my bed every night and gets really sad without hiding his feelings when i leave. also, he nibbles my ear regularly and tugs on my hair when i do situps - as if he's telling me "you don't need to work out, you look great just the way you are." he even watched the whole 2-hour special of grey's anatomy last night (can you believe mcdreamy might cheat on meridyth??). tell me what guy would do that?

the one downside is that he sometimes pees on the floor, but the more i think about it, the more i think that's not much different than guys. way to go milo


natali said...

ck should i get a dog? i dont think i have enough to give to a dog emotionally and he would start to resent me. sort of like boys.

ck said...

i got a puppy because it occurred to me that probably some day i'll be a bad mother so maybe if i got a dog to practice on that would be good. i figure screwing up a dog isn't as bad as screwing up a kid.

Colls said...

will milo remember your monthasary, anniversary and birthday?

ck said...

that's a good point colls - i bet he'll never cover my car in post-its

Jefe said...

Dearest CK,

I would like to challenge your argument for Milo vs. the Male gender.

1-Men will cuddle whenever you want, as long as whenever you want is whenever they want. For instance most don't like to be bored. If you can talk a guy into watching something he doesn't want on DVD (unless he is the exhibitionist, in which case you score whenever your out in public anyway!)You will have your cuddeling which will lead to something else, eventually, hopefully, perhaps. Wait, is that the purpose of cuddeling?

2-Grey's Anatomy is a good opportunity to try this.

3- I have never pee'd on anyones carpet, though I've never drank or been drunk (ones the mean the other is the end but I thought I would mention both). However I have been known to leave the toilet seat up and have people fall in.

Maybe we are more like dogs, sorry about the misunderstanding, carry on.

P.S. Who wouldn't want to contribute to the? I am saying the word.

natali said...

just let me know your email address and you are in.

ck said...

thank you for your comments jefe - you're pretty insightful for a sock puppet

Jefe said...

Dearest CK,

I hope you could decipher enough from my writings to get the advice you need. I don't mean to brag but I am a social genius, I mean, it's amazing more people don't come to me for advice. I pretty much know everything.

Dearest Natali,

I love everyone, it's true, I just didn't want to proclaim my love for you in front of Lee. He gets jealous easily and would have started yet another Sunday School brawl. We filled our quota earlier this year when we got into an argument over wether or not hip-hop was becoming more or less credible. it wasn't pretty. You have my email address, and I want to write you poems and stories about your hoopty. Call me.

Dearest Becky,

Had I known you were going to be there today I would have put on my best shirt and tie. It was pretty amazing to see you today. I couldn't stop talking about it all day. My dad finally called me a sissy, but I think he just wanted to finish watching 10 things I hate about you in peace.

With Love to all,


P.S. That love is sincere.