Friday, March 09, 2007

all things code

when you are on a date, it is helpful to speak in code words. this can be fun and rather intellectually stimulating for dick and jane dater. For example, if you say "I'm hungry" it really means "I'm full." " I like that movie" means "I hate it." "It's a lovely night" means "This night sucks." and so forth. perhaps you catch my pattern. but my favorite code exchange is as follows. "I'd like to play with your hair." to my chagrin, this is actually code for "go down my pants."


punk rock girl said...

i had an ex who was convinced if i ever said anything like are you cold? or thirsty? or hungry? it just meant i was cold or thirsty or hungry. good thing i never played with his hair though.

becky said...

having my hair played with is like my favorite thing ever. i wonder if that's ever been misinterpreted.

Colls said...

yes it probably has been but you were innocent. now that you have been exposed to more code defs, go get em tiger!