Sunday, March 04, 2007

i call the covered wagon bed

i dont know how i feel about the themed sex room. i have mixed reviews. i mean the whole premise of the anniversary inn is kind of funny right? i dont think its bad to want to have a romantic location or destination or try to spice things up. chelsea's mom said its best to marry someone who is willing to experiment because hey you are going to be having sex with the same person you might (will) hit some ruts, low points, or periods of less enthusiasm. i just wonder how the swiss family robinson room is going to help. i mean when i was a kid i totally wanted to live on that island. but not for a second did i think about having sex in those tree huts. but i guess someone else did. jungles are pretty sexy though. i think it has something to do with how you might get eaten by a tiger (danger is hot i guess) and there are always those waterfall lakes that people end up skinny dipping in and i guess tarzan and jane had a lot of sexual tension. i think it had something to do with the loin cloth. but i dont know what that has to do with the swiss family robinson. i mean they are a family who liked to race wildlife on the beach who are trying to teach christian values.

my friend is an architect and she said she has designed a couple of these rooms. she designed the drive in movie room. i guess it takes people back to were they lost their virginity or something. but if it has like movie popcorn and real movies thats awesome right? who cares if the bed is the back of a truck if you have all that other stuff.

some other rooms are location rooms right. i get italy. bc everyone says its so romantic and its pretty expensive to go there. but whats weird is paying $200 a night to stay at the lake powell room or sun valley or jackson hole or bridal view falls. if i can drive somewhere to have a romantic encounter why would i go to a hotel that isnt there to be there. also instead of going to the hayloft suite why wouldnt you just go break into a barn? trespassing fines are probably less money. i think lighthouse rooms are good for phallic symbol purposes so i guess that is a pretty good location room.

i am pretty to very scared of the phantom of the opera room. did they even see that movie and or musical? i know i have. its terrifying. its all about this guy in a mask who kidnaps this girl and takes her down to his watery lair and there is like some mannequin dressed up like her and he tells her she has to listen to him play the organ and hang out with his little toy monkey doll for the rest of her life. but maybe some people like to be good an scared to get in the mood. its kind of the same to me with the romeo and juliet room. that story starts off nice enough with a fun costume party but everyone dies. who needs that.

these rooms are of course all targeted towards women. which makes me worried that there are a lot of women who dont enjoy sex and can only get in the mood for special, expensive occasions. which seems like a cheap trick that doesnt address their unsatisfying sex lives. but thats just my theory. unless its every man's fantasy to be prince charming. i have my doubts.


amh10 said...

What has my blog ( on "skinny dipping" got to do with your blog?

Cicada said...

What the hell does this post have to do with skinny dipping? I didn't read skinny dipping once in this post. I didn't see it hyperlinked, either. WTF?

punk rock girl said...

that is a good question amh10 and the answer is of course nothing.

also here are the last four places i have skinny dipped.

1) margo's grandpa's pool in st. george
2)the pool in westbridge a family community, provo (no families were present)
3)the thames (big fish, dont suggest it)
4)the sea of galilee

becky said...

duh, if you read the post you just commented on, you would see where skinny dipping is mentioned.