Monday, March 12, 2007

i do these things to myself

i have a new 21 year old bf. he declared his secret crush on me on saturday. but i sort of already knew he had one on me when our main topic of conversation is kissing. people dont really hyperfocus on that unless they are sort of hoping all that talk turns into action.

i really want a secret crush. but i have always been bad at secrets. but on the bright side i am good at crushes. the 25 year old in the house also has a secret crush on me so i suggested a natali-thon and whoever wins gets to ask me out. i told them they could both pick a competition and then a third party could come up with a third competition and then someone gets to buy me food. i can buy mine own food. i hate my idea. the 21 year old came up with the competitions of public speaking, office triva and karate. fortunately, the 25 year old doesnt want to play.

my new 21 bf year is in class with my old 21 year bf. maybe we could double...

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Colls said...

i wonder if your bf wants to meet my bf. so young and fresh.