Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rectification, followed by rhetorical questions

Okay. So my last post isn't true. Sure, I like boobs and I think about them sometimes, but it isn't why I "date".

Have you ever seen that movie Pump Up The Volume? There's this guy named Hard Harry who has this radio show that originates from his bedroom in the town in Arizona that he moved too. He waxes philosphic then pretends to masturbate while the kids of his high school listen. They start to rebel to the point where Hard Harry thinks it has gone too far and he considers quitting. Did I mention that Hard Harry isn't his real name? Well, since I haven't, there it is. Everyone in school wants to know who the real Hard Harry is. One girl, in particular, really wants to know. She likes him so much, she sends Hard Harry erotic emails that he reads on his show. It's pretty naughty. Anyway, she figures him out pretty quickly - which she thinks is some kind of achievement, even though he checks out a book from her called "How to Talk Dirty and Influence People" and he gives a pretty descriptive location of where he eats lunch - and talks him into not quitting. He tells her to get lost. They actually have had a tumultuous relationship up to this point. She figures out who Hard Harry is, but he denies it. Then, she shows up to his house and ends up taking her sweater off and she isn't even wearing a bra. Then she wants to see the cockring he talks about having, but Hard Harry doesn't even have one. Also, Hard Harry isn't going to have sex with her for whatever reason. He ends up doing the show again from his mom's jeep because the dad from Teenwolf (who is the uncle on Teenwolf Too) and the FCC is trying to shut him down.

Part of my first blog was true: I don't want to get married anytime soon. Another part was true: I don't have this strong need to have intercourse. So, I wonder if I am just wasting girls' time by being around them. Not that they would want to marry me, anyway, but maybe they are hard-up for better options. If that's the case, poor them. But then, what about when there is a girl who I like that might like me back? Am I wasting their time or is it okay for me to not know what I want and see what happens?

Those are my only thoughts on dating. I feel awkward even posting a dating blog because I have made woman mistakes lately that make me wonder who I am and crud. I just want to be on the team.


natali said...

i dont think hanging out with you could ever be a waste of time even if it didnt lead to marriage or intercourse. but if lead to either of those two things...bonus.

sugarcube said...

Right back atcha.

becky said...

you're no waste of time. also, i feel honored that you'd share your porn problem with us.

sugarcube said...

This is the first time I've felt comfortable revealing it, even though I didn't know I had.