Tuesday, March 20, 2007


this blog is 100% inspired by becky’s comment on brian’s posting (thanks guys!!)

i’ve never been one to believe in soulmates or the whole one-person-for-everybody gig in a romantic sense. like becky, i think your soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be your lover…at least i hope that’s not the case, because i already met mine and i definitely don’t foresee a marriage – damn you, danny! i do, however, think that everybody has a soulgroup…any given person is compatible with a select group, say a dozen – give or take a lot – of potential mates.

i picture it like this: let’s say i go to the store to buy some new socks. i’m not compatible with all the socks in the store - i can immediately eliminate any sissy and girly socks, gross and unkempt socks, ugly (in my opinion) socks, and any socks that just don’t fit right – too tall, too short, bad teeth… that leaves me with my soulgroup of socks. i could choose any one of those socks and be fairly happy. maybe i’ll have some buyers’ remorse, but who doesn’t with all the sock options these days?


sugarcube said...

It seems to me that a certain person has yet to find 'the perfect pair of socks'. You'll believe in soulmates once you do.

punk rock girl said...

i dont know if agree that you can choose your soulmate or soulgroup or soulanything. i am leaning towards if there is such a thing as your soul mating with something else you cant help it.you cant help who your soul likes. thats why its better to be a vampire. they have no souls and get to like whoever they want.

ck said...

yeah...good point. i could buy into the fact that maybe the socks find you - sounds like a sequel to "sisterhood of the travelling pants" is in order

also, maybe i haven't found the perfect pair of socks yet because i'd rather go barefoot - socks are restricting

sugarcube said...

so is dating

ck said...

you catch on quick suga