Tuesday, March 27, 2007

i've got to close praiseland down...

people always say stuff like "i knew so and so was my spouse when we met" or "i just KNEW" or "after our first day i knew we would get married." i sort of dont buy it. i think people say that alot and they dont get married and then just by chance they end up marrying someone they said that about. its just dumb luck. there are probably like five people alive where they somehow knew (maybe God...probably God).

i know i have dated boys where i thought "i think we are going to get married" or i have told friends i thought they were dating the "one. also " i just really like to say the "one." are you dating the "one"? how is the "one" doing? how did you know they were the "one"? i am glad you found the "one." do you and the "one" want to go to a movie tomorrow? once you start saying it you dont want to stop.

but as it turns out i remembered i have a gift of determining the "one". colls reminded me of my gift. i KNOW when people will get married. but it only happens after i listen to their talks in church and so far has only worked with my current roommates. and it has only happened one and a half times. but thats enough for me to think its legitimate.

it happened the first time in london. after this kid gave his talk i FELT that he would marry my roommate lou. i told her about how she would marry him but she fought the idea at first. finally six months later they started to date and they married. years later in my ward in st. george after brother #1's talk i FELT like he would marry my roommate colls. but she was like noooooo he is going on a mission nooooo brother #2 is older and more attractive noooooooo i just really like his testimony (actually he gave an amazing talk) nooooo he is too young etc etc. i of course thought whatever you will get married. i have my gift. oh guess who are just now realizing they are in love...brother #1 and colls.

on an unrelated note my roommate in london husband asked her out on their first date with balloons. he went to her flat and left balloons and a note. she was supposed to let a yellow one go out the window for yes, red for maybe and blue for no. while he waited patiently in the garden for his date answer. i always wonder what he would have done with the red balloon. i dont think he should have given her the red option. thats just my advice if anyone else is thinking of using the balloon-date-asking tactic.


Lou said...

Nat Nat!!! It's the Lou you referred to! I stumbled across your blog from the links on Bree and Tim's and then checked this one out on your links!! I feel special to get a mention!

Balloons are the way to go when asking someone out on a date - let's be honest, if someone goes to that amount of trouble, you can't possible say no!

Kudos to you - you were right all along!! Hope all is well with you - I'm learning a lot from reading your blog!

Lots of love

ps. come visit sometime!

punk rock girl said...

well hello lou! who knew you would stumble upon a blog written about you. i always sort of hope for that...but so far nothing.

i am still holding out for a boy who involves balloons somehow in the date.

and i ask myself everyday why i am not in london.

Colls said...

I will not deny Nat's gift. I shall not. I did go out with older bro. We fed ducks. Younger bro and I went to Starbucks and got punch drunk on caramel apple cider. They are a good time to be had. They are indeed "the one."

becky said...
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becky said...

i also think this is bs. remember that one guy i dated who got engaged 2-3 weeks after we stopped dating and he said "it's crazy how you just KNOW"? and then his fiance broke off the wedding, and moved to new york, but then they ended up getting married later, and then she slutted around with other guy(s), and then he told her he was leaving her, and then she put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him, and also pulled a knife on him? yeah, it IS crazy how you just know, right?

punk rock girl said...

becky i do remember that story. however, my gift only works if i hear them talk in church. and i never had the opportunity to hear that one guy speak in church. although i wish i could. i bet he could give a killer sermon on how to marry badly.

ck said...

you replaced me as a roommate, but of course i was still there in spirit so I guess we were all roommates on veitch drive...except remember how dominique hated me?

my point is, will you please be on the lookout for my one? i think you'll sense it for me. afterall, we slept on the same bed (not at the same time, sickos)

punk rock girl said...

for you ck anything. i will start going to multiple sacrament meetings in search of your EC.