Wednesday, March 07, 2007

lying does pay

i’ve come to accept the fact that i’m a compulsive liar. it’s a family trait – i can’t help it.

for example, my boyfriend broke up with me and i felt revenge was in order. after thinking about it for awhile, i decided to create a account of a fictitious (yet perfect) girl. she had all the physical features and hobbies exboyfriend could ever want. she started writing him…they hit it off and started a little online relationship of sorts. after a couple of months, this online relationship got pretty serious and fictitious girl asked exboyfriend to come visit her (she was from alaska as it turns out). so, he bought a plane ticket to alaska to visit. timing it perfectly, i called him right as he landed in alaska and told him that I made the whole thing up…fictitious girl doesn’t even exist…i’ve been writing him acting like her the whole time…and now he’s stuck in alaska…and have a nice life.

you’re maybe laughing and maybe thinking how cruel i am, but either way you’re probably agreeing that my lying habit is bad…the thing is, that whole story’s a lie…a local radio station has what’s called a “5 o’clock phone call” where the djs ask a question and take answers from a handful of callers and the best answer wins a prize. i listen to this dumb game every day and every day i come up with good answers to the questions (albeit, not necessarily TRUE answers, but…) so, finally, this particular day posed the question “what have you done to an ex to get revenge?” i conjured up this little made-up number, called in, shared my revenge story on live radio and won a $50 gift certificate to chili’s…lying does pay.


punk rock girl said...

you know what else pays? pro bono. who know i would get a $50 gift certificate for something that is supposed to be done free of charge?

punk rock girl said...

followed by i dont think its so mean. i hear alaska is nice. i think mean would be to say hey i live in oklahoma. sorry oklahoma. i cant help how i feel.